Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 249

Donderdag, 12 April 2012

Whooa, long day.  We all got up, finished planning out the day, and left.  Went to Big Ben first, saw the river, and then went to see the changing of the guards.  Man, that was hilarious.  The first was really no big deal, so we cut away quick to beat the crowd back to a food cart I wanted to go to.  And then the Irish guard came.  Oh goodness.  First off, they had a full band (yes, french horns instead of mellows for marching, I thought it was hilarious), but they also had lyres for the music.  Seriously?  I figured that they could at least memorize it - it was one song, and not a terribly difficult one at that.  AND this one guard guy was in the wrong row, looked around, and then like power marched to a new row.  Man, I wish I had it on video, it was SO obvious he was wrong

Then, we went around in Westminster Abbey.  It was so pretty, and so awesome.  Got to see Isaac Newton, Darwin, and Shakespeare's memorials/resting places, along with a bunch of other really famous people.  Saw Parliament (the outside), and then walked around until we found a little hole in the wall Chinese place.  Dad went back to the hotel, so mom, Collin and I went to Temple Church, which was really the only thing I wanted to see.  We didn't get to go inside (I wanted to see the tomb of William Marshal, but oh well), but it was super pretty outside - really fantastic place, very great feel to it.

We then got half price tickets to the Queen musical "We Will Rock You", and then decided to go back to the hotel to get ready for that.  Napped a bit, and then left.  Goodness, it was a great musical.  It was so cheesy, but it was fantastic.  I can't believe how they put it all together.  And two members of Queen were in the pit and helped write the show, which made it even more amazing.

Anyway, afterwards, went back to the hotel, skyped with my bestie Beede, and then went to sleep.

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