Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 244

Zaterdag, 7 April 2012

We got up and went basically straight away to the Netherlands!  Drove around 2 hours to get to Keukenhof, where there is a HUGE tulip/flower garden.  A lot was in bloom so it was pretty fun to walk around, albeit a little cold.  Mom and I wore our Twins stuff and got a "Circle us Bert!" picture, so that was really fun (I'd put up the pic, but I'm writing this a few days late on someone else's computer).

After that, had some lunch and then took a more scenic drive home.  Went to some huuuge bridges that can also be dams - I'm bad at explaining, but it was really cool.  We got into a park about it to watch a movie, read some stuff, and even walk around inside of it, which was really cool.  Finished driving back home, packed for the UK half of the trip (!!!), ate, and then went to bed.

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