Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 245

Zondag, 8 April 2012

Got up fairly early, finished packing, ate steak fajitas for breakfast, and then Frederik drove my parents and I to Antwerp around 1130, after giving me a 6 pack of Duvel for the trip :P.  We had some time to kill before our bus, so we went and grabbed a bite to eat.  Went back to where the bus was supposed to be, still nothing there.  Finally another guy showed up, and he was actually from North Carolina!  Talked with him till the bus came, and then by 2pm we were on the road.

Stopped a few times, went through like 2 passport and luggage checks, and then our bus was put IN a shipping container and then loaded on the train to go to the UK.  That was pretty cool - it felt like a really unstable train ride.  Got the the UK, and it was raining, of course.  We finally ended up at the Victoria Station around 8 or so.  I had some directions from my brother Collin on how to get to the hotel he was at (where we were staying as well), but my parents thought to try the metro.  So we got in line forever, got a guy to tell us which line to take and what stops.

Did that, ended up somewhere like 930 or so at night.  I asked the guy working there how to get to the hotel, he gave me a few bus numbers.  We went to the stop, figured out what times the buses were (soooo much easier to do in English), but then since we were on a road with the same name as where we were staying it got decided we should walk to the hotel.

We were only like 100 house number away, so whatever.  Nope.  Wasn't there.  Walked further, asked people, no dice.  Found a hotel to ask there, couldn't get in.  There was a pub across the street with some people out smoking, so I went to ask them the best way.  We talked for a bit, and then realized it would be best to just get a taxi since it was pretty late at night.  They directed me to a taxi place, and then we just went that route.

Ended up at the hotel, ate, met Collin and his friends that were still there.  After mom and dad went to sleep, I hung out with them - went out to Miccy D's, talked, messed around.  I went to bed around 230 since I was exhausted, and they were still going strong.

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