Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 240

Dinsdag, 3 April 2012

Got up and had an amazing breakfast at the hotel.  Then, took the bus to Antwerp!  Showed mom and dad central station, and then went down the "white street", shopped a bit.  Looked around the cathedral and the water, had icecream, walked around some more and shopped at some touristy shops.  Back towards the station, had a late lunch at an Irish pub, looked at the diamond area (well, mom did), and then bused back to Lille.

Mom napped a bit so we all stayed in, and then fanfare rehearsal.  There was a different director (the usual guy was gone), so it was a bit different but still a lot of fun.  My dad rang the bell twice (meaning, he bought two rounds of drinks for everyone), and someone else rang it once, so it was a good night.  :P  I walked my mom back to the hotel around 230am, and then my dad and I stayed until 4 or so.  Then back to the hotel and straight to bed.

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