Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 258

Zaterdag, 21 April 2012

Woke up, still no texts from drumline people saying if they could pick me up.  I didn't want to risk going there and having no ride (they were in Antwerp for a big thing until like 5am, so yeah, coulda got some response then, and who knows who even showed up), so I texted and said I couldn't come since I had to change families, since saying that I didn't have a ride wouldn't fly I don't think.  Caught hell for it, but whatever.  It was good to move in.

So finished packing everything, talked with Marcela, and left for Lille.  It was bittersweet - I knew it would be fun, but not having Marcela with was really weird.  Got to the house, Frederik dropped me off, and then he was gone.  I unpacked everything, and I think the room really looks like "mine" now.  Marcela sent a facebook message saying that she was lonely already :P

Downstairs, talked with the family (mother: Heidi, father: Bart, sister: Femke, brother: Senne), and then Femke, Heidi and I went food shopping.  Home, ate, talked, napped a bit, read some.  Femke's boyfriend (Jelle) came over, talked, had dinner, watched "Johnny English" together.  Went to bed early :)

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