Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 259

Zondag, 22 April 2012

Woke up, and then Femke, Heidi and I went to Herentals for a breakfast thing at a school.  Came home, napped, and then watched "City Slickers II" (DAD THERE'S A CITY SLICKERS TWO!  AND NORMAN IS IN IT!), and then Senne and Bart came home - Senne does judo, and he had a tourney in Germany today.  Then Senne and I watched "The Expendables", and then we went out to eat.  Had a nice dinner, albeit with super slow service (Mom, like the time you brought your friends to Applebee's and Skippy ignored us because it was busy, even though you guys were in a super big hurry).

Home, showed some pictures from Minnesota, watched some TV with Senne, and then came upstairs for bed. Back to school tomorrow :/  Slaapwel!

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