Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 256

Donderdag, 19 April 2012

Whew, long day.  Got to sleep in a bit, but then had to do some packing and studying.  Frederik drove us to Hoogstraten, so we could get to Turnhout around 1130.  Marcela and I then did our speaking exams for the Dutch class, and we both passed!  Onto level 3/10.  Granted, we won't finish before we got, but it'll be cool to (hopefully) get the third diploma.

Then, real school.  Did a period of practicing the acting thing, jazz playing, and theory.  Went home, packed, and practiced sooo many times for my presentation.  When we got to the dinner, we had to try our computers out to see if they worked with the projector (after freaking out about the music, for which we both just made CD's).  Well, mine did, but Marcela's didn't.  And we didn't have a flashdrive, so we had to ask around for one until we found Johann.  Well, Marcela's presentation didn't go over to my computer that smoothly, so we had to recopy the pics onto my computer and then she had to redo most of it :P

Then, people started coming in the main dinner room.  Apertiefs for the night were brandy slush (not as good as at home, but I did thoroughly enjoy them), and a Brasilian drink I can't spell.  Had a Brasilian appetizer, then steak, filled baked potatoes and corn on the cob (my suggestion) for the main meal, and a Brasilian dessert.  Before the dessert, Marcela and I had to give our presentations.  That almost went terribly wrong, since they wanted to keep my computer running the whole night so Marcela's presentation would work, but then my computer decided it was too warm and wouldn't turn back on.  Thankfully, we got it to work again but after my speech Marcela had to redo the pics on her presentation again.  :P

But it went well!  I think I spoke too fast (Marcela did waaaay too much), but when I started to talk about rodeo everyone enjoyed it.  They also didn't believe how cold it gets in CR and Karlstad, which I thought was funny.  But yeah, everything went well, and Emi (the head of the dutch part of rotary) gave Marcela and I extra pins, which was great.  :)  My third family came, along with Patrick and Truut, so that was cool.  And Santi and Marc were there!  It was fun.  Oh, and all the guys had cowboy hats, while all the women had a little sash in the colors of the Brasilian flag.

Afterwards, had a drink with the Rotary people, and then went home.  Whooo~

Here are some of my favorite pics from the night - I gave Santi my camera, so he got me a bunch of pics.

Marcela's outfit for her presentation

Talking with Patrick and Truut

We're sexy and we know it


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