Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 150

Dinsdag, 3 Januari 2012

Yeah, I know I'm putting these up late, shut up.

Woke up still tired, had breakfast, and then just relaxed.  Spent some time cleaning up my room, doing some reading, etc.  Pretty tame stuff.  Took a nap, and then Denise drove me to Lille for the fanfare.  As usual, it was a lot of fun, stayed late; all in all a good time.  Spent the night at Patrick and Truut's since it was too late to get a bus home or to ask Denise or Frederik to pick me up.

Oh, and my Christmas package from my biological family was there!!  I got the best stuff - a kindle (yayy!!), pj pants and an ornament (family traditions), two Twins bracelets, a Twins hat, and a DANNY VALENCIA JERSEY!  Best presents ever, thanks so much guys!  :)

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