Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 153

Vrijdag, 6 Januari 2012

So, like I said, we had fallen asleep at like 8:30 at Jenna's house.  At noon we woke up, seeing as how we needed to figure out trains for the Rotary event that night.  Got ready, watched her host brother play Skyrim (<3) and then got to bus to Turnhout, both of us sticking out as we were holding our blazers.  Emi picked us and Santi up at the station, and drove us to her sister's house in Hasselt.  We had some dinner, and changed into nice clothes for the night.  Well, I didn't, seeing as how I had misread the email and didn't know it was a formal dinner thing, so I had jeans and a nice shirt of Jenna's to wear.  Oops.

Drove to Genk, and tried to find the place.  Santi kept saying he knew where to go, only to break out laughing and say that he had no idea where he was.  Slick.  There was a little reception, a concert (sitting concert, as there were a bunch of Rotary people in gala clothes) by the band Absynthe Minded, and then we went to a nice Italian place to eat.  I was just exhausted by then - I think I slept during part of the concert even though they were really good.  Talked with all of my exchange friends, and then we FINALLY left, and got to Emi's sister's house around 1:30am, got everything ready, and then was asleep by 2.

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