Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 152

Donderdag, 5 Januari 2012

Looong day.

Woke up, got packed up, and went to the neighbors house.  They're in Rotary, and the kid had to give a presentation about his family to family exchange he did, and I needed a ride to Hoogstraten, so I went with them to the meeting.  It was pretty fun, talked to a few people, and then I was about to walk to the bus stop to get a bus to Turnhout, when one of the Rotary members said he could give me a ride to Turnhout as he worked there. Score!  We talked about American politics and such, which was pretty fun.

He dropped me off, and then I had to wait (holding my obnoxious blazer) at the station until my bus came.  Got to Mol around 3pm, and Jenna and her host brother picked me up at the station.  We went to her house, hung out a bit (I napped a little, I was SUPER tired), had dinner, and then took the train to Hasselt, where we met up with a bunch of other exchange students.  Took a bus to Bilzen, where Fede (an Argentinian exchange student from our district) was having his going away party.  Boy, that was an adventure.  Jenna and I were probably the only two who weren't fluent in either Dutch (the Belgians) or Portuguese/Spanish (all of the exchange students).

Basically, we stayed until 5:20am to hang out (and because there were no buses before then).  Made it back to Mol, had breakfast at the station with some of Jenna's friends who were just arriving as well, and then made it back to her house around 8:30, and slept right away.

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