Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 158

Woensdag, 11 Januari 2012

Barely woke up in time.  Like, my bus was at 738.  It's a 10 minute walk (can't bike since I'd have to leave the bike there all week).  I woke up at 726, and that was only because I heard Siemen running around downstairs since his alarm didn't work either.  Got to the bus stop a few seconds after it pulled up, barely managed to make it on.  Whew.

Listening class, Latin (I understood parts!  And a new kid, who is still like 12, is in the class; he lived in America for like 3 years so that's pretty cool), free period (English teacher was sick/gone), and science (learned about bloodtypes).  Nothing terribly exciting.  Then, Marcela, Santi and I got picked up by Emi at the train station, and she drove us to Tienen for a rotary activity.  We got to tour a sugar factory, which was pretty okay.  It smelled like a farm, which I liked because it reminded me of up north, but most of the others didn't appreciate the smell.  :P

Spent a lot of time just talking with the other exchange students.  We secretly made a book for Kimberli (well, Sravya did most of it, we just all wrote a note), as she leaves for Brasil on Saturday.  We gave it to her at the end, when we were all saying goodbye in the parking lot.  She started tearing up - it really was a wonderful book, with pictures and notes from everyone.  We all got in the cars, and then said goodbye again at the train station.  Vicki, our other oldie from Australia (who wasn't at the factory) leaves on Friday night.  It's so sad to have them go!  I can't believe that the goodbye there was the last time I'll get to see her in real life until I go visit in Brasil.  :P

Basically slept on the drive back to Turnhout, got a bus to Hoogstraten, and Frederik picked us up there.  Dinner, and then watched "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", a 1969 western movie.  It was really good, though it did make me a bit homesick, not gonna lie.  This is the first western I've watched here, and I think it should be the last because it makes me miss home too much.  I'm sure if I saw the Trinity movies I'd start crying or something.  :P

Anyway, as I wasn't feeling the best after that, just went to bed right away instead of doing any studying.

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