Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 171

Dinsdag, 24 Januari 2012

Normal day.  Woke up (on time), ate, went to Dutch school.  We had our speaking exam, which went fairly good.  I messed up on some simple things, but I did well enough to pass to 1.2 :)  Marcela did too, and so did the other 3 ladies in our group.  We went to register for the next level (starts on Monday), but we didn't have any money so we had to do it later.  Bummer.

Had a bunch of extra time, so we went to the school and hung out in the library.  Looked up some college stuff and scholarships and did some math study.  Had the acting class, and then a study period, so I did some Latin then.  Then, went to Lille, had dinner, hung out (it's becoming routine for us to watch this terrible, terrible US show about repoing before I go to rehearsal), and then rehearsal.  Hung out afterwards, then went back to the house to sleep.

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