Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 169

Zondag, 22 Januari 2012

Got up, had a nice talk with Patrick and Truut, and then went to the Jaarmarkt in Lille.  The fanfare did a little bit of "marching" (basically 4 person block, walking in step), so that was fun.  It made me a) really miss marching band and everyone associated with it and b) realize how much easier it is to march when you have your music memorized and you don't need to hold the flip folder.  I got a windbreaker so I could match everyone else (they all had it already) so that was totally awesome as well.

Then, hung around a bit - there were some local cover bands/other bands playing, so listened to them a bit and talked with some people.  Then, went inside and helped out.  Again, doing dishes since I can't talk without sounding... terrible.  But it was fun - great group of people.  Had something to eat, and then Denise picked me up.

At home, talked with Marcela a bit (her mom left me a gift - sandals and some Brasilian soda!!), then napped until dinner.  Talked a bit, then went upstairs to study Dutch for our exam tomorrow.  Skyped a bit, talked to people, read a bit.  Productive night.  Now, going to sleep so I'm *hopefully* not tired tomorrow.  Slaapwel!

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