Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 151

Woensdag, 4 Januari 2012

Barely woke up on time (stupid alarm didn't go off...) and got the bus to Turnhout where Denise picked Santi, Jenna and I up for the Rotary trip to Brugge.  All the French kids from our district were there too, so I got to catch up with some of them (including Kate, the other girl from my home district!)

Walked around the town, messed around, and started saying goodbyes.  The oldies (people who got here around January last year, basically the Australians and some Brasilians) are leaving in the next week or so, so it was pretty sad to realize that this was the last event (or one of the last) that we'll see them.  :(

Home, set up my kindle (it now has my credit card info saved - I'm so screwed, I'll be broke in like a week), got a book, and then went to bed.

I won't be home again until Saturday, so I'll once again be updating late (again).  So it goes.

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