Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 164

Dinsdag, 17 Januari 2012

Normal day.  Dutch school, basically fell asleep during class.  Then real school, which was.. weird.  I went to class, only to find no one there.  I waited for like 10 minutes, and no one showed up, so I just went to the library.  Had another free period, and then went to Lille.  This is where the "fun begins".  I went to Patrick and Truut's, only to find no one anywhere.  Of course, I don't have a key anymore, so that kinda sucked.  I texted both of them, no answer.  Truut's bike was missing, so I assumed she was just getting groceries or something.

Nope.  After like 30 minutes, I was cold, so I biked to the library, which was closed.  Bummer.  Checked the house again, no one where.  Finally just went to a frituur and used like the last of my cash to get some fries so I could sit in the heat.  Patrick finally called and said he was coming home, so that was nice.  Got inside, just made a fire, got a blanket, and napped on the couch since I hadn't felt good all day.  Truut came home, and told me she had gotten stuck in Antwerp, and since the tram was noisy she didn't hear her phone.  Oh well.  Now we have a plan in place in case they're gone when I get there, so that's good.

Went to the fanfare, practiced, stayed after again, then went home and went straight to bed.

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