Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 299

Vrijdag, 1 Juni 2012

Dutch class actually had some new information this time, which was at least not boring.  Learned when our next test and final will be - it's coming up!  Met Marcela and Bella outside, and then we went to the kebab store by Santi's house because he said it would be open, and I really really wanted kebab.  Of course he was lying, so we just went and got something else.

Back at school, studied some econ, and then had the art appreciation class.  Then, went home, did my econ test.  Lost a point on a question I was waffling on, but then after retrying the test (we can try again for a higher score - the highest of the two is your grade), I finally realized why I was wrong so I felt a little silly.  Watched TV with Heidi for a while, and then Game of Thrones with Bart and Senne.  Started to not feel good (I think too many greasy foods today), so went to bed.

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