Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 316

Maandag, 18 Juni 2012

Dutch exam today!  Listening/writing/reading.  I think it went pretty well, except for the thing I forgot would be test was there (of course, after I studied everything else on the bus), and the thing the teacher said would FOR SURE be on the exam wasn't.  Went out to a pub afterwards, and then Bella and Marcela came later.  It was nice just sitting out by myself in the sun with a drink people watching.

 Got a bus home, watched an episode of the Daily Show when eating lunch, and then went to sleep until dinner.  Went to download some podcasts to exercise to (how else am I going to get my baseball news here - I just noticed there are so many places [Trout, Harper, etc] that everyone is talking about that I have no clue about, so I need to change that).  Did some exercise, did a little econ, watched some TV.  Speaking exam tomorrow, and then I'm done with Dutch class!  YAY!  Slaapwel!

edit:  Oh, I totally forgot to say, funny thing happened with the exam.  For the listening exam, we had to listen, understand, and answer the question below.  Usual stuff.  However, one of the started with like the potato crop somewhere froze so the supply was down, and as soon as that was said I switched to economics mode.  I made a little supply/demand curve to figure out whatever needed to be answered, and then I realized it was a Dutch test.  And that the economics side of the question had nothing to do with the answer.  Thankfully the dialogue was repeated twice, because otherwise I would have missed the actual answer :P

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