Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 322

Zondag, 24 Juni 2012

Aaand another long day.

Woke up pretty early, because I had no idea when we had to leave for Rotary.  Left around 10, got there, and then finally figured out what was going on :P  It was the last day for the newies in the district (1630D), so they got the whole "the 5 D's are really important, we're serious here" speech, even though they served wine afterwards.  Then Bernardo played some songs on his ukulele, and then Marc gave out the awards for "Outstanding Student" for us oldies.  See, notice I say awards.  We all thought it was just one, so we know of course it would be Bernardo.  But nope, there were two, one male and one female.  And who was the female?

Me.  I was super surprised.  Like, really confused.  And then Marc went on giving this spiel about why the chose me, but it was SO BAD.  He kept messing up things.  Like first he said something about me loving animals, and then asked what I did about that.  I said "went over to your house", because I thought he was talking about the puppies.  Nope.  So that was weird.  He meant me skyping Reggie at the beginning of the year :P  And then he was saying I played cymbals in the fanfare, and that I went to Norway with the drumline and I played trumpet there (I don't know how he got trumpet from drumline, don't ask), and then saying that I was studying math online with this one website (which wasn't a website - I swear he just said a made up word).  It got funnier each time he messed up - everyone in the audience was cracking up.  Santi even corrected him once, and I just started laughing so hard then.

See:  me laughing and Marc looking at Santi like, "really?"

Afterwards, we learned where the other kids were going - one is coming to Brainerd!  And one is going to Marcela's city in Brasil!  When the kid said he was going to Minnesota, I did this really obnoxious fist pump and was like "YES".  Pretty sure they wanted to take back my award after that.  :P  But yeah, after all the Rotary things, just stood around talking and having a drink with everyone.

Then, left with Heidi and Bart (who were at the Rotary thing with me) to the Belgian Cycling Championship in Geel.  That was pretty cool.  We had VIP tickets, so we got to go inside this huge tent and eat and drink for free.  Unfortunately, we didn't know about the eating for free, so we had left to get some fries and brats at a stand a ways away.  It was a pretty cool thing though - I've never seen cycling before.


Oh, and this one guy kept hitting on me, and then asked me out while I'm sitting between Heidi and Bart, and he knew they were my host parents.  He was so far gone.  It was pretty funny though - after he got turned down him and his friends left.  Afterwards, only his friends came back :P  I almost got a picture of the guy who won, but of course people had to fist pump RIGHT WHEN I TOOK THE PICTURE, so you can't see the guy :/

Remove the arm on the left and you'll see the winner

After that, we walked back to the stop where the bus would come pick us up, and it never came.  So we waited.  And waited.  And then it started raining.  And then Bart and I just decided to walk to the car, and we came and picked up Heidi.  Went home, figured out times for Monday (Rotary!), redid my Econ test.  Got a better score this time, thank goodness.  Then, went to bed.

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