Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 307

Zaterdag, 9 Juni 2012

Looong day.  Woke up, tried to do some econ so I wouldn't have so much to do on Sunday.  Didn't really work out - ended up doing everything completely wrong and taking forever to figure out why (and it was a super simple thing I messed up), so I just left it.  Heidi, Bart, Senne and I drove to Kortrijk to have lunch with Bart's parents.  That was really nice.  They dropped me off at drumline and then went to do judo stuff.

Packed the bus, and then drove to Oostende for the Belgian Superbowl (American Football game).  It was... terrible.  I'm not even joking.  The field was really nice and well kept, but the bleachers in TOTAL were about how many we have for the opposing team at my high school.  So, not many.  And the game!  Oh goodness.  I think it was in the second quarter where I finally saw someone catch the ball.  False starts happened almost every other play.  Punting the ball meant kicking it straight up in the air.  I can see why American Football isn't a big deal here.  Sure they tried, but it definitely needs a few more years of work.

We played a bit for a pregame, and then did the halftime show.  By the time I was changed out of my uniform, it was 9:35, and my last train straight to Antwerp was in 5 minutes.  Gio said someone could drive me to the station, but they were taking too long, so he ended up getting this other kid and his family to drive me, which was really sweet of them.  I was trying to call and text people to figure out if I had a train in Gent (we thought it would be easier to get me back from there), but no such luck.  Someone texted saying that I had a train, but of course I couldn't make it in time.  The people driving me actually  offered to drive me to Antwerp (which is FAR), but I told them I lived further than that, so they said I could just sleep at their house.

Luckily, I remembered Raf, my second host brother, lives in Gent, so I texted to see if he was home, which he thankfully was.  The family dropped me off by his house, he picked me up, and then we just chilled out for a bit before I couldn't stay awake any longer (this was like my first day of actually being awake since last Saturday). Finally getting to lay down in bed never felt so good.

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