Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 318

Woensdag, 20 Juni 2012

Got up somehow, and went to school for my English final.  I, of course, didn't study at all, and I even managed to get the right answer when the teacher asked me about a book I hadn't read (yay context clues!) Then instead of asking me the other exam questions (to see if I knew past tense and such), we just talked for a bit about the difference in the education system, what I think about gap years, etc etc.  I don't like thinking about that - that means that I'm looking back on my year, which means that the year is almost done.

I mean, yes, I do want to be home again, see my animals, be up north and finally in the country again, meet up with friends and eat all of the things I miss, I'm still going to miss it here.  There are things I don't like, that's for sure, but there are things I like.  I think I'll have to work for a job with bases in Belgium and the US so I can juggle between the two places.

Anyway, after my test I had over an hour until my bus, so I went out with Bella, Marcela and Santi.  Just hung out, talked about our remaining plans, the usual.  Got home, ate, napped a bit, packed food, and then went to Antwerp.  Met Jenna there for a little date.  We walked around, had a picnic by the water, and just talked about how it's the end of the year already.

Got back to Lille, I showed her around a little bit.  Dropped her stuff off, went to a little cafe for a drink, back to the house.  Just chilled out, watched funny videos online, did my econ homework, watched a movie, talked, etc, until around 4am.  By then the tired hit us and we just kinda fell asleep.

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