Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 313

Vrijdag, 15 Juni 2012

Last real day of Dutch school!  Did review for the exam, which was boring, so I spent most of the time talking with Santi and Carol.  Went home after class, worked on econ, did one of the homework assignments - I'm so far behind still.  :P  Then went with Heidi to get blood drawn so they could do some tests.

Man, the doctor was terrible.  The blood wasn't coming out that fast, so she tries wiggling the needle around in my arm to get it to come out faster, which did nothing but make me dizzy and cut my skin a bit.  Had to lay down before she tried the other arm, which also was slow.  Still had to move the needle around a bunch.  She said I have tiny veins, but I think she just needs some more practice (apparently when she took Femke's blood it took three tries to get it to work, alternating arms).

Home, ate, and then Bart, Femke and I went to Prometheus.  Pretty good movie, though there were a lot of parts where you just look at the characters and think "why did you do that?  That was incredibly stupid".  Ah well.  Decent movie nonetheless.

Back home again, talked with a few people, and then went to sleep.  Yayy not having to worry about getting up for drumline~

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