Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 323

Maandag, 25 Juni 2012

Full day of Rotary.

Got the train from Herentals, and then found Santi on it because I had to pay for his train ticket (he didn't have a GoPass).  Chatted for a while, split the food I brought (he hadn't had breakfast and I hadn't had much), so that was nice.  Ended up getting to Brussels a bit late seeing as how the train just decided to stop in Central and not move.  Met up with everyone in the South station (sans Marcela and Jenna, both of whom didn't come on time), and took the metro to Mini-Europa.

Considering the Belgian students don't get the EuroTour option most other European exchange students have, it was great to see all the monuments of the different countries.  I got a bunch of pictures of Mr. Smiley around, usually making Santi or Allen put him on the model so I wouldn't be the one that got yelled at if we got caught :P

Jenna got to where we were right when we were leaving, so she just had a drink outside while we rounded up the rest of the students and took the metro to Central.  Went to the Grand Market, and as Santi said Marcela was there, we all started wooping until she found us :)  Jose and Heidi (not host mom Heidi, Rotary Heidi) paid for a last get together drink at what I think was one of Brussels oldest pubs.  Really cool place.  A lot of us got out flags or notebooks we're having everyone sign - I for one am not going to read anything from my book until I'm on the plane home, so I'll be bawling like a baby.

Stayed for a while, and then left with Jenna to go home.  We stopped off in Antwerpen-Berchem for pita (only 4 euro and it's fantastic!), and then I got the train to Central to get a bus there.  Well.  I was waiting, and the electronic sign SAID the bus was coming, and then the bus disappeared from the sign, and it was the last scheduled bus of the day, so obviously I was pissed.  Got a train to Herentals, and then had to get a bus from there.

And you know what?  When I got to Lille, what bus do I see go by?  That's right, the bus I had waited for.  Only it was suuuuper late.  Stupid buses.  Got home, watched some TV, skyped with mama, did some emailing, and then went to bed.

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