Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 311

Woensdag, 13 Juni 2012

50 days left :(

Woke up at noon today (niiiice), so basically spent all day working on econ.  Finished a chapter and a half of notes (though I still need to reread them to make sure I actually understand since I was just trying to power through), so that was nice.  Did my discussion board post early enough for it not to be a worry.  Napped a bit, had dinner, watched some TV, listened to the radio a bunch.  Normal day stuff.  Did a bit of studying for the Dutch test tomorrow, but I was too tuckered out from econ work to do anymore than a quick glance over (and it's sooo much more boring :/).

Anyway, actually have to wake up for school tomorrow (le sigh), so slaapwel!

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