Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 304

Woensdag, 6 Juni 2012

Got up, went to school as it was the last day of real classes.  Didn't do much in the first class, we just tried to play some music and sing (tried is the key word here).  Had a free period, so I worked on my econ notes since I still had some left.  English class next, had to do the writing final which was basically an opinion paper.  Then science, where they studied for their final test and I studied econ/did more notes.  Went home, ate, and then slept for a while.  Woke up at dinner, ate, finished my econ notes, and did my discussion for the class.  Took forever to do because I was too tired to think of examples :P.

Went upstairs, did the whole "sleep for a while and then randomly wake up" thing.  Talked to my mom a bit on facebook, had some tea, and then back to bed.  Yay productive days?

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