Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 320

Vrijdag, 22 Juni 2012

Whew, long day.  Had to go to the Dutch school, got to look at my points for my exam and ask questions.  Then left really quick, met Senne and Heidi at the train station, and then we went to Gent.  Studied a bit on the train.  Went to Bart's work, which is a military school thing.  Changed into our nice clothes, and then went down to the bar to hang out.

Then, after a while, we went outside for a military parade.  They were, from what I understand, "closing down" the military part of the school, so there was a huge ceremony of handing over the key and such.  It took forever to start because the Minister of Defense was coming, but he was late.  The band had to keep playing, but the instruments and feet angles were all wrong and people had flipfolders and it was all so distracting I didn't pay attention to the music that much.  And they had a marching bassoon - got a picture.

So, the parade thing happened, and Bart was the one basically in charge, which was super cool to see.  There was a whole ceremony and exchanging the key and whatnot.

Bart being awesome

Afterwards, we all went into this big room to have drinks, talk, and have snack foods while someone else made a speech and we waited for it to be dinnertime.  While there,  I got to talk with the Minister of Defense, which was SUPER COOL.  He looks like a skinny Bill Clinton :P  He was a super nice guy.

I should go into politics - I have the same stance as him

Then it was time to, but it was called a walking dinner, which means there were no chairs.  Like, at all.  After the first two dishes my knee was killing me, so I took my main course and sat on the stairs eating it because I didn't want to stand anymore.  After doing that, I realized how much nicer it was out there (the room was HOT), so I stayed out on the steps and read some of my econ book because I still had notes to do (NERD ALERT) until it was time to go back to the hall.

There, had some more drinks, and kept trying to get a chair (they were limited there too) because I didn't want to dance or stand.  Ended up talking to this really cool chick, and she lives in Herentals, so we're going to try to meet up before I leave :)  Around 12am or 1am or so (I can't remember), Heidi, Senne and I left the party and drove home, and then immediately went to sleep.

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