Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 302

Maandag, 4 Juni 2012

So, double Dutch lesson today.  Or it was supposed to be.  Anyway, it was raining like nothing else this morning, so instead of doing a little walk around I went straight to the school.  Started talking to Sam, the guy from England I met last week or so.  Turns out he's lived for like 5 years in various Asian countries as a diving instructor, worked and lived on boats, that sort of thing.  He seems to have a really interesting life story.

Anyway, class.  Did some real stuff, which was unusual for this level.  Then had a one hour break, and I just talked to Dolesse the whole time.  Really fun, I always like getting to know people more.  Then, we were supposed to have another full lesson because of the whole teacher development lesson a while back, but it was just going to go until 2:30.  I had a bus at either 2 or 4, so Dorieen let me skip out a bit early to get the bus.

Home, did some econ notes, took a little nap.  Had dinner, watched some TV, did more notes, and then watched the film about the guy who's arm was stuck in the canyon when he fell and then he cut it off.  Pretty interesting, and really well done film.  I had only heard the tl;dr version of the story so it was cool seeing it in the full form.  Upstairs, got some older photos online, and now it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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  1. Got to "Double Dutch" and then started thinking about jump rope. Whoops.