Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 309

Maandag, 11 Juni 2012

Woke up (barely), and went to Dutch class.  Nothing too exciting.  I really wanted to go home right away, but it was Jose's last day in Belgium (AFS was sending him home, and had even locked his luggage in a room so he wouldn't take it and go somewhere), so I stuck around.  Ate at Santi's house, and then we met Marcela and Bella.  Waited a bit for Jose to come, talked for a while, and then I had to go.  Slept a bit, had dinner, and then went to the doctor (yay!)

Basically just got some medicine and he said to come back on Friday if it wasn't better to take blood (because apparently mono has been going around... yay...).  At home, did a bit of econ, but fell asleep so it wasn't that much.

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