Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 306

Vrijdag, 8 Juni 2012

So, actually went to Dutch class because we had an exam.  Got a Monster to make sure I'd stay awake in class, drank it, talked with Marcela and Bella, and then went to class.  Did a bit of stuff, did the test, and then I managed to almost take a nap (Santi kept moving my chair so it was hard to actually fall asleep).  Another girl in the class, Carol, has been feeling the same as me (always tired, headaches, etc), so we're thinking it might actually be us being sick, not just too tired.

Went home after class, studied some econ, slept, and then repeated that all night with some eating thrown in.  Tried to call my mom at her work because I forgot she was off, so I ended up talking to her jobshare partner for a while because we hadn't talked since August.  It was pretty fun :P.  Drumline alllll day Saturday, and I'll probably have to end up staying the night (haven't asked anyone if I can, because I'm still really really really hoping I can get a train home).  We'll see how that goes.

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