Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 317

Dinsdag, 19 Juni 2012

Got up, had to go to the school for my Dutch speaking exam.  Felt super sick, so I got off the bus early and walked around.  Got a bit more to eat, drank my last Mountain Dew, and then promptly took a nap at the castle.  Went to the Dutch school, did the exam, studied some econ when I waited for Santi to do his.  Then he went to Rotary, and I went to the castle to study and lay down.  Jenna came around 1, and then we got a bit to eat, and went to Santi's house.  They got a new puppy - it is ADORABLE.  We played with it for like 2 hours :)

He's so small!!

The older dog


Left Santi's, had a drink, and then we both went home.  Had some food, put the dog pictures on facebook, and then napped/studied econ until the fanfare.  It was my first time going for three weeks (as I was sick), so of course I stayed late.  Only two rehearsals left :(  Well, slaapwel!

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