Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 319

Donderdag, 21 Juni 2012

6 weeks.

Woke up at like 7 after very little sleep - do you know how hard it is for two people to share a one person pillow? - and sat there talking with Jenna until around 8.  We ate, got ready for the day, watched some stuff online, and then I dropped her off at the bus stop.  Back home, took a nap, had lunch, napped and read a bit, and then started my econ.  I was still really really tired, so a combination of energy drinks and guilt finally got me to study for this week.  Also talked with a few friends, so that was nice.  Got about a chapter and a half of notes done, so still about a chapter and a half left.  And the homework assignments.  And the test.

Sooo, Saturday is gonna be another big study day.  This is an example of a) why I shouldn't let myself procrastinate like this - when I studied a few hours a day it was SO much nicer, and b) why I took a summer class.  If I jumped right into my Fall Semester (yay 16 credits) this upcoming August, I would die.  Besides Dutch school, which really doesn't count, I haven't had to worry about school.  So, I haven't had to worry since May 2011.  Getting used to studying and learning and school again will definitely give me an edge up on other exchange students come school starting up again.

Anyway, I was gonna study more but after I ended up just staring blankly at the screen for 10 minutes straight, I think sleep and trying to do it on the train tomorrow is the better bet.  So, slaapwel, and don't expect an update tomorrow - gonna be in Gent till Saturday.

What my view was for quite a few hours today

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