Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 327

Vrijdag, 29 Juni 2012

Nothing too much to say.  Got up, did some homework, played some video games, did some more homework, and then we left for Heidi's graduation ceremony.  It was quite different than in the states - each person wasn't called up to get their diploma, it was just speeches and a group of teachers singing (LIKE FOUR TIMES).  Made me think back to my graduations.

Stuck around for a bit after for a reception, went to a "5-star restaurant" on the way home (Miccy D's), and then I did my test.  DONE with econ!  Talked with Collin and a few of his friends online, and then played a few video games.

Oh, and back home it' the rodeo right now - this is the first time since it started that I've missed it.  It's a weird feeling.  There's a new event this year that seems really fun, so I'm hoping my family remembers to get some videos of it.  I can't wait to be back up north and to visit all of those guys again.

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