Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 328

Zaterdag, 30 Juni 2012

Well.  I'm bad at updating this.

Basically chilled out at home until around 3, when the Boeckx family came to pick me up for the fanfare concert.  The last one.  :(  It was just a small thing a few towns over.  Played our pieces (pretty decently for no one warming up...), stayed for a few drinks, and then went back home.  Funny story - after my first drink I switched to cola, and when I ordered it someone just turns to me and in the most confused voice ever just asks "why?  You're not driving".  :P

Was going to go out with a few of the people after, but decided to go home to relax and such (and it's a good thing too - they told me that they stayed until midnight, and it was around 6pm when they got there..).  But yeah, just chilled out at home.

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