Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 341

Vrijdag, 13 Juli 2012

20 days?

I slept in a bit, exercised, did some stuff around the house, and then started talking to Sofia online.  Turns out there was a mis-communication last time we talked, so I thought she was just getting to the airport when she was actually going through security.  Meant that I wouldn't really have time anymore to go see her off at the airport :(  She said it was fine, but I still felt bad, seeing as how I had to miss her goodbye party.

Then Santi texted me saying him and Marcela were having drinks with Bella in Turnhout for the last time, so I got the next bus I could for that.  Of course, it was a while away, so by the time I got on the bus Bella had already left.  Terrible timing for me the whole day.  Decided then to just go to Mol straight away.  Got to Jenna's house and talked with her host parents until she got back (she was shopping with a friend, getting some last minute things).  I then helped with packing some stuff that was left over, and going around the room to make sure we got everything.

Basically, the rest of the night after that was just us hanging out at the BBQ with her family and the neighbors.  At midnight we went upstairs, talked a bit, and then finally got to sleep.

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