Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 350

Zondag, 22 Juli 2012

Pretty chill day.  I left around noon to meet some girls from my Dutch class in Turnhout, but only one of them could make it since things happen, but it was fun.  We talked a bit, and as she's planning on staying in Belgium for good (she is from Bulgaria, and have lived in Russia and Greece), we'll probably see each other again seeing as I know I'm coming back at least one more time to visit.

Desi and I
Went home, but as it was Sunday, there were no direct buses from Turnhout to Lille.  When I was waiting for my second bus, I noticed it was in like 50 minutes.  So I did what I like doing, and just started walking towards Lille.  I'd rather walk than bum around.  Made it quite a few stops further before I stopped (because the bus was coming in like 10 minutes to that stop, meaning I probably wouldn't have time to make it one more stop).  That was fun.

Once home, Senne, Bart, Heidi and I went out for Chinese food.  Pretty good, but the food reminded me a bit of the Chinese place on the drive up north that doesn't ever stock up on the lunchtime buffet (Dad, you should know the one I mean).  But there was fresh fruit (AND WATERMELON!!!!) so that was awesome.

Back at home, watched a movie with Bart and Senne, and then Senne and I had a Rush Hour movie marathon.  That was pretty fun, considering I think I had only seen the first one before.  After that, went straight to bed.  I really don't know how I managed the Star Wars one this last summer...

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