Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 339

Woensdag, 11 Juli 2012

Had to wake up (so hard - why did we only get 4 hours of sleep?), ate a bit, and then we drove to Brussels. Jenna met us there, and we checked Bernardo's bags, and then went to have a coffee with his host family upstairs.  Stayed there for a bit, and then the three of us kids went down to the departure level to find other exchange students.  And on the way down, who did we see?

EMI!  It was sooo funny - she was on the way to Mexico with her family because an exchange student who lived with them 15 years ago was getting married and wanted them there.  That's so cute, and I love how they stayed in touch :)  We talked for a bit, and then ran into the other exchange students and basically chilled with them until everyone left.  Bernardo was the last of them to leave, so we stayed until around 11.  I had been carrying his ukelele around for him, and I said I'd only give it back to him for the flight if he serenaded me.  So, he played a little song in the airport :)

Yeah, said goobyes, and then Jenna and I got our trains home.  I went to Antwerp, got the bus home, and dropped off my gifts from shopping + the clothes from Jenna + other things.  SO NICE!  Got a shower, a short nap, and then I was off to Sravyas.  I ended up taking a really, REALLY roundabout way to her house because of how I had set up the day (long story), which ending up having a lot of mess ups and so I got to her house around 830.  The tl;dr is bus to leuven was 30 minutes late, my train was delayed but it was okay, none of the toilets worked so I played DS to distract myself, missed my stop, had to get a bus to Bokrijk (still no bathroom time), bus didn't go to the station so I had to walk, and then a 10 minute walk to Sravya's. Yeah.

Anyway, at Sravya's we talked for a bit with her school friend (she was spending the night too), and then we went down for dinner with her host family.  Her host mom's mom and brother were there too, so that was fun.  I talked about computers and such with him, and then I had to show them a drumline video because they were trying to understand why I came to Belgium :P  Then watched two movies with Sravya and her friend because she didn't want to sleep.

Around 4am we finally got to sleep (we meaning me and her friend) while she finished writing notes and packing and such.

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