Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 338

Dinsdag, 10 Juli 2012

Really fun day.  Woke up and made MAC AND CHEESE for breakfast because Jenna had some boxes left.  Then I got to steal some clothes she wasn't taking home, and a nice bag (mine is all ripped) and some baking soda, so that was awesome.  Then we got on the train and went to Antwerp.  Of course only Bernardo was there right away - Sofi, Sofia, Flavia and Marcela weren't coming, and Sravya and Santi were coming late :P

So the three of us went shopping and checked out the gift shops around the cathedral.  I started with my gift buying, and of course I bought a gift for a friend that doesn't have anything Belgian on it and I probably could have gotten it back in the states, but it was perfect so they'll have to live with it :P  Sravya met us at the icecream place, where they all had their last icecream.  We signed each other's books, and then left around 130 to do some more shopping and such.  A bit later Bernardo and I went and met Santi at a pub (after a long time of figuring out where he was and then finding a cheaper place to drink), and Jenna and Sravya met us after they did some more shopping.  Had a drink, then Bernardo and Sravya had to leave.

I thought I still had this thing for 5 free tickets at the movies, so Jenna, Santi and I went there.  Turns out it expired like over a month ago, even though it was supposed to work for like 90 days after my first use (and I never used it - and I think I got it less than 90 days ago...).  But since we were there, we decided to just watch the movie anyway.  It was the new Spiderman - it's a remake of the first movie, and it actually changed quite a bit.  I liked it.

Santi went home after that, so Jenna and I went out for dinner at Pizza Hut because it was right next to the station.  And they have free refills!!!  It was super amazing.  Split up at the train station, and then I got a train to Bernardo's city.  Went to his place, ended up talking about music and showing each other funny videos most of the night instead of finishing his packing :P

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