Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 348

Vrijdag, 20 Juli 2012

Well, Marcela and I were going to meet up in Antwerp, and then around 9 we texted each other saying we were too tired to, so that plan was out the window.  Chilled a bit at home, and then went to Turnhout to get a bus to Meerle.  Got to Marcela's house around 6, and then we spent the whole night basically packing her bags and talking.  It was really fun - we haven't had much time like that since we lived together, so I missed it.  Her family is going to be at the beach from Saturday until we leave Belgium, so yeah, she had to pack EVERYTHING and then she has to live out of her suitcase while at the beach.

But, like with all the other exchange students, I got a few things of clothes that she was going to leave behind.  It's like I'm getting a whole new wardrobe this year!  But besides the clothes she was leaving behind (the kinda grody ones that she'd throw anyways, or a few that didn't fit), everything fit in her bags.  Granted, she had 3 suitcases, but still, considering the amount of shopping she's done it was pretty good.

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