Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 353

Woensdag, 25 Juli, 2012

Another quite long day.

We woke up around 11, watched some videos online, ate, and then got the bus to Antwerp.  There we met Gert, from the fanfare.  He gave us a tour of his diamond company, brought us to "Diamond World", and then we talked and had a drink.  Then, obviously, he had to go back to work, so I made Kate finally try a Bicky.  Then we walked around Antwerp a bit, saw the Chinatown, and then walked through the station to the back (where I've never been).

Kate then had to leave, so I went around Antwerp a bit by myself.  Got a few more gifts (Collin I found you something!), and I was going towards the cathedral area to get the rest (I know the shops there very well), and there was a little dance troupe performing!  So naturally, I sat down and watched them, before looking at my watch and realizing it was time to get to the Irish pub.

Got down there to watch baseball (WHOOOO!), but it turns out the time I had read was an hour early so I was there just chilling.  They put up Sports Center for me to bide my time with, and I talked a bit with the bartenders.  Got to watch part of the game before I had to leave for my last bus home.

At home, I was pretty tired so I went pretty much straight to bed.

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