Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 329

Zondag, 1 Juli 2012

It's not July already, right?

So, Lille Kermis!!

Got up early (not my strong suit in the summer), and made it to the fanfare in the whole outfit - thank goodness it wasn't hot out.  I also didn't think and wore my normal fanfare black shoes, which are wedges, but we were marching so that was a bit of a pain :P  But whatever, it was fun and really made me miss summer marching.

Us marching

Afterwards we took group and section pictures - they got a picture of me with every section, which was so sweet, along with a photo of me with the Wims, and one with Wim and Werry, who I always stay late with.  It was super fun.

The fanfare

Then had to change quick, and when to Heidi's mom's house for the traditional Kermis activities.  We hung out with the extended family, and then we all went off to the Kermis.  Walked around, saw all the things to do, had a drink, and then went on a few rides.  Well, the 9 and 13 year old did, and I was the one responsible for them.  The little girl kept clinging to me and talking to me the whole day - it was cute, but I was pretty happy when we went back from the Kermis and we split up a bit.

Me with the kids

Had dinner at the grandma's house, and then I left to go to the Kermis by myself.  Did a shooting game (people were ragging on me, saying that I should be good at shooting because I'm an American :P), and then met a girl from a few towns over.  I had met her at Bart's military thing, so it was fun to get together for a drink and just hang out.  She left, and I did the shooting game more, and won myself a little stuffed toy (his name is now Crinkles because his ears have this annoying crinkling sound when they move).

Went back home, and went to watch a movie in my room but I just ended up falling asleep.  Oops :P

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