Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 356

Zaterdag, 28 Juli 2012

Wow, great great day.

S, the day started with the fanfare biking to Scherpenheuvel.  It's like 35 km, so of course there was a break halfway :P  I didn't bike there, but got a ride with someone else.  Which was probably for the better, because it was raining almost their entire bike ride.  Since I got there a bit earlier than everyone else, the guy who drove me and I walked around, looked at the basilica there, and had a drink.  Once everyone got there we went to church.

Afterwards, we had a lunch there, which was pretty fun.  I like hanging out with everyone like that.  On the way home I actually biked, because one girl didn't ride back for some reason.  Considering going home was the downhill part, it was pretty fun :P  Back in Lille, we had a BBQ which had a bunch of good foods (potato salad~).  I brought the cookies over, and then from like 8 or so on the BBQ was done and they held a going away party for me.

And man, it was awesome.  I can't believe they did it.  At first it was a lot of sitting around, talking, and drinking, which is fun by itself, but it kept getting better.  We moved inside after a bit, and then one of my friends came from this "army camp" thing he was doing on the weekend.  He did a little thing with a rifle which was cool, but then 3 BAGPIPE PLAYERS came into the room and played.  It was just incredible.  I couldn't stop smiling.

They played a few times, and then hung around.  As the night went on we just had more fun, including doing limbo with a music stand, and I only managed to get home around 430 because I had someone else do all the talking and convince the others that we needed to leave.  Just went straight to sleep when I got home.

But yeah, besides the bagpipe players, I also got some cards (one that was signed by the entire fanfare), mountain dew (yay!), beer shampoo, and handkerchiefs to use when I get sad that I'm leaving the fanfare :P  I have to say, this was by far the best day ever.  I can't believe it happened, and it just shows how many great friends I have here in Belgium.  I have to start planning my next trip to Belgium.

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