Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 333

Donderdag, 5 Juli 2012

So, not counting all the times I got up to put water in my eyes to help my contacts out, I got up around 10.  Sam and I ate with Allen's family, and then chilled with him when he finally came down.  We then watched a movie (Hanna) because we were all tired and wanted to chill before going to town.  So then around 1, we got the bus and left for Genk.  And of course, Sam picked the wrong bus again (wrong direction), so we had to get off a few stops later when we noticed, and then wait for a new one :P

Got to town, and then had to do errands.  Turned in Allen's ID card, walked around, got some food, shut down his bank account, shopped a bit, and then went to buy chocolate.  He got like 4kgs of chocolate, and we thought up some good ideas for which to buy, so now I know what to do when I get home.


I was then told about an American clothes store in the mall that sells MOUNTAIN DEW.  Sam said he told me before, but I think he's a liar because if had had told me before, I would have already went there.  So I went, got a few cans (cheaper than the store in Antwerp), and some Reese's.  AWESOME.  I was gonna go home then, but then we started talking about getting Allen to the airport the next day.  You see, his family couldn't take him.  So, we were like, you could either do a cab or the train.  But cabs are super expensive, so the train would be best.  THEN we realized it'd be difficult for him to get all that luggage on the train by himself (2 suitcases + carryon + backpack + blazer), so I said I could meet him at where the train transfers.  But then we just thought he could spend the night at my house since it's closer to Brussel, and then I could pay for his train ticket with my GoPass because it'd be cheaper than him having to buy a ticket.

So, I called and made sure it was okay, and then we decided to get going.  Stopped at Sams for a minute for him to shower and change clothes, and then ended up missing the bus by like a minute.  So we're sitting at the station freaking out because we'd only have a few minutes to grab his luggage and then get the bus back to the station so we could still get a bus in Herentals.  Decided we could just get a taxi from Herentals and thus take a later train, so freaking out was minimized but still there.  We got off at his bus stop and saw his mom biking home, and we started freaking out like "WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT TOMORROW, WE HAVE TO HURRY HOME" and she was confused, so we started talking about it on the walk back.  It went something like this:

Allen's mom: What's wrong?
Us: We need to hurry and get Allen's stuff ready, there's so much to do!
Her: Wait, why?
Us: Well, we were talking about Allen getting to the airport tomorrow and-
Her: Oh yeah, the cab is already set up, it'll be picking him up at the house at 7 tomorrow.

Allen's face just froze, and then Sam and I just started laughing.  Allen kept apologizing to us, and we kept saying it was no big deal, that makes things a lot easier.  I then had to look up train times at his house, and his mom offered to drive me to the station.  So, I had dinner over there - it was his host sister's birthday, so we had a nice dinner with the family and his sister's friend.  Had to say goodbyes after, but I promised to still come and see him at the airport before he left (no one should see themselves off).


So yeah, got home super super tired, and went to bed pretty much immediately.

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  1. There isn't even a mention of Belgian chocolate on wikipedia in this article: . Is it really worth bringing back home? I can't believe the guy who wrote the article wouldn't have mentioned Belgian chocolate if it was better than other chocolate.