Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 342

Zaterdag, 14 Juli 2012

So.  Jenna set her alarm for 5.45, because my alarm at 6.20 was too late for her.  Well, it went off at 5.45, and she did the usual, I'm going to fall back asleep for 5 minutes.  I guess that didn't work.  When my alarm went off, she still didn't move.  I started just like saying her name, like, JENNA GET UP, which didn't work at all.  Stood up, turned on the light, and then Jenna slowly sits up in bed, looks at the time, and just starts swearing.

Then we had to run around packing the last of her things (hair things she needed today, clothes from last night, etc), but luckily we managed to get everything done.  I stole a few things she was going to leave behind  (bottle opener, oreos, etc).  Oh yeah, she gave me a present last night (Avengers pins and chocolate), which was super sweet of her :)

Lars came, and we ate quick before setting off for the airport.  Got there, and it took a while for her host parents to figure out the parking :P  Let's just say it was an adventure and pretty stress filled for us in the back seat.  Finally got to the airport, got her stuff to baggage claim, had some hot choco, and then put her through security.  Thankfully it was the last one this year, I don't know if I could keep doing it.

Jenna's parents drove us to Antwerp which was awesome (didn't pay for the train at all!), got a bus home, and then just slept.  For quite a while.  Ate, watched some TV, back to sleep.  That's about it.

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