Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 349

Zaterdag, 21 Juli 2012

Happy National Day of Belgium!

Anyway, when my phone alarm went off this morning it nearly gave Marcela a heart attack (says she) because it was right next to her foot and it has a pretty strong vibrate :P  Her host mom was nice enough to drive me to Hoogstraten at like 7.15 in the morning because on holidays there aren't any buses out of Meerle.  Just took the bus to Antwerp because Marcela said she had problems with the train at Noorderkempen if it was before 10 in the morning (which I can believe - I had enough problems with that station).

So, had almost an hour to wait in Antwerp, just got some breakfast and choco and chilled.  Can't believe pretty soon I can't just go into a little coffee shop in central station.  Met the family (sans Bart) on the train when it passed through Mechelen.  Turns out he forgot the tickets at home, so he was getting the next train :P  Spent the morning chilling out in Brussels with everyone, doing little games and things - Senne and I did a crash test thing, where we were in a simulated 10kph car crash.  And man, it was quite a bit stronger than I thought it'd be.

Had some food, and then around 2 we went and got our seats for the parade.  Which started at 4.  Fell asleep in my seat, so that was pretty nice.  The parade was pretty cool, all military based, but it was weird to me that the bands used flip folders.  I mean, this is a big deal, just memorize the music.  If I could do it when I was freshman, they can do it as adults.  Afterwards, we got a drink and then went on the train.

The train was packed, so we couldn't all sit next to each other.  And who did I sit next to?  A Canadian!  We talked the whole trip about why were were in Europe (they were traveling after graduating from college, just doing a Euro-Tour).  Pretty fun - I love random encounters like that.  We got back home, watched TV for a bit, and then I went to bed.

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