Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 354

Donderdag, 26 Juli, 2012

Marcela couldn't make it out to Antwerp today, so I just slept in.  Chilled out online, and then Femke, Heidi, and Senne came up to my room to give me a beginning French book in Dutch, which was super awesome.  Now I'll be able to keep up Dutch a bit easier at home.

Really spent the majority of the day reading things online.  I read a lot of articles on Cracked, which was HILARIOUS because later that afternoon it was mentioned on a Belgian TV program.  Watched some movies too.  And for dinner we went to a frituur, which was awesome in itself.  Bart actually asked the guy working there if I could make my own bicky burger, and surprisingly he said yes!  So I got to go behind the counter, put the sauces on my burger, and put the burger on.  It was pretty awesome.  I'd put pictures up but I can't find my camera cable :P

Home, ate, watched more movies, and then went to bed.

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