Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 334

Vrijdag, 6 Juli 2012

Sad day :(

Woke up at 7 (uuugh), and then met up with Jenna in Herentals before going to the airport.  Apparently Allen and Sam had been there for over an hour by the time we got there (the cab was haulin), but we hung out a bit before checking his bags.  Then, met some other rotary students (weird how that happens) who were leaving, talked, and said our goodbyes.  I would put the pictures up, but I don't wanna see them because it's so sad, so I haven't even put them on my computer yet.

Allen is the first student I've been close to that's left.  I mean, Daniela and I were friends, but we never hung out outside for normal events.  Allen and I were bros.  We hung out a bit at the airport after waiting for our train - we actually hung out at the arrivals gate.  It was so sweet (nice meaning, not legit meaning) to see people meeting up with their loved ones - a lot better than seeing everyone waving goodbye at the floor above.

Grabbed some food in Antwerp with Jenna, and then bused home.  Slept until dinner, and then discussed my plans for next week with Heidi.  Doesn't look like I'll be home much :P  Went upstairs, and worked a bit on my rotary speech for at home.  Checked through my blog to remind myself what I did each month, considering I want to set up my speech in segments of a month.  I love how I just get more and more vague about how late I leave the fanfare as time goes on.

So yeah, that's about it.  Got a bit this weekend, and then from like Monday until Saturday I won't be at home, meaning this won't be updated.  Which means I'll probably be really vague about those entries, which sucks.  Looking back, my favorite entries are ones with little specific events I wouldn't have remembered without writing them down.  I need to remember to do that from now on.  TIME FOR LONGER ENTRIES.


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