Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 347

Donderdag, 19 Juli 2012

2 weeks :/

Woke up pretty early and got bus to Turnhout.  Helped Santi clean out his room and bring his stuff downstairs, had some breakfast, and then we drove to the airport.  We were there pretty early, so the baggage drop wasn't ready for his flight yet, so we had something to drink.  I just kept talking the entire time, because as I told Santi and his host mom, when I talk I don't have to think about how sad I am :P

Then it was time for the baggage drop, and a bit after that was done Marcela made it to the airport.  We got to chill for a little bit, but then Santi had to go through security.  Man, that was sad.  Marcela was crying, Santi was crying, I was about to start crying.  Not fun.  But he made it through, and then his host mom drove Marcela and I back to Turnhout.

I was pretty hungry by then, so I got a durum, but it was at an italian place so it wasn't that good.  Marcela and I just spent a while talking about the year and how weird it was.  Before, we thought it was so cool that we were the first and last ones here.  But now, with everyone gone, it's sad.  We know our year is ending, we know it's basically done, and now we can't hang out with a lot of our good friends and we have to pack alone and just have 2 weeks to think about how sad it is and don't have much to do to distract ourselves.

Anyway, got a bus home, and then decided to start packing to see if I could get everything in underweight and in the bags I had.  Got the first suitcase filled to a kilo under weight, and it's got a lot of my heavy junk in it (notebooks, books, binders, shoes, etc).  So I should be fine.  It's weird that I have to start this already.  Skyped a friend during it so I wouldn't get sad thinking about leaving.

Then, Wim came to pick me up for Rotary.  It was a pretty fun meeting - they made me do a little speech which I was kinda unprepared for, but it went okay.  We stayed kinda late, so I was pretty exhausted when I got home.  Talked with a few people quick, and then went to bed pretty fast.

I know I've been behind on entries lately (which is why they're so short - I can't really remember everything).  Haven't felt like writing because so many people are leaving, and it's weird to see how many days I've been here just getting bigger.  How did I get this close to 350 days?

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  1. I hope you keep filling this blog for 2 or 3 weeks after you get home. See if there's any reverse culture shock. well obviously there's you probably having to start to eat wonder bread again when you want a sandwich but i'm sure there will be more significant aspects to coming home than that. Anyway , please take your time to fade out of this blog a little instead of stopping the moment you get on the plane. This has been a fun read the past year.