Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 332

Woensdag, 4 Juli 2012


So, seeing as it was the 4th of July, I planned on going to Allen's, since he's the only other American in the Dutch part.  Slept through my alarms, so I ended up hurrying to get to his place and only grabbing the bare essentials (this is important).  Managed to get some good trains and buses and ended up in Genk around when I needed to be there even though I left an hour late :P

Met Sam at the bus station, and then we took the bus to Allen's.  Or, Sam said it was the bus, but it turns out it was the wrong direction so we had to get off, wait, and then get on one going the right way.  Allen met us at the stop, and then we stopped to get a pita and went back to his house.  His last pita in Belgium :(

Watched some funny videos online (that's what happens when geeks hang out), and then Sam and Allen went swimming when I tanned.  Played a lot of stupid games, had some drinks - just hung out overall.  It started to get cold (to them, I was warm), so they changed back into real clothes and we went to get some spray paint for Allen to make a big sign for his host sister's birthday.  When he painted, I covertly got him a game on Steam as a going away present, with Sam's help.  Pretty awesome he didn't notice.

He's so legit at tagging - notice my name on the left :)

Then we biked to his first family's house (aka, Ben's house) for him to say goodbye.  It was really sad to see - I can't believe it'll be me doing that soon.  Biked back to his house, and then we had to go straight to his last Rotary meeting.  He had his blazer, but since I wasn't expecting it I didn't have mine, so I repped my club by showing up late (we were running behind), sweaty (biking + humidity), and wearing kinda grungy clothes (again, wasn't expecting to go to a meeting).  We had fries, so that was pretty fun.  Allen had to give a little speech, and gave me some great ideas for mine.

Stayed after for a bit, and then biked back to his house.  We had basically agreed earlier that I would spend the night since there were no more trains, but I didn't have my contact solution or clothes, so that sucked.  I then proceeded to fold all of his clothes (I amazed both the guys with how good I am at that), and packed one of his suitcases - totally kept up to my promise that I could get all the clothes in 1 and a half.  Allen then noticed that I bought him the game, and he turned unresponsive for a few minutes.  Like, he wouldn't answer when we asked him things, and kept starting sentences and then stopping.  It was pretty hilarious :)  Let Allen pack all of the none clothes things because you can break those, so went to take a shower and changed into a pair of sweats I decided not to pack in his stuff :P

Watched some stuff online with Sam when Allen finished, and then around 2am or so we went downstairs to eat some noodles.  Had those, and then tried to get my contacts to stop drying out.  It completely didn't work, and I think it was worse for my eye than doing what I was doing before (aka, using a LOT of eyedrops).  Started to watch a movie in the living room after that.  Allen fell asleep, so when he woke up he just went back upstairs.  I was exhausted and had seen the movie, so I fell asleep then (I woke up every like 2 hours because my contacts hurt, but that's another story).

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