Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 331

Dinsdag, 3 Juli 2012

Woke up pretty late again, chilled out, watched some stuff, etc.  Normal stuff.  Then, got ready and left for Kermis Rock around 630.  That was loads of fun.  Had some drinks, watched some live music, and talked with a bunch of people.  Basically everyone from the fanfare was there so no matter where I looked I saw people I knew :)  It was a great feeling.

Heidi came a bit later, so I went and hung out with her and people she knew for a while.  Then I introduced her to a few people in the fanfare that she didn't know yet, and we left around 11 or so since I started feeling a bit sick.  Watched a bit of a movie with Bart when we got home, but went to bed pretty quick after.  Great day.

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