Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 346

Woensdag, 18 Juli 2012

Actually got out of the house, so that was nice :P  Woke up, watched Wolverine, chilled out, and then went to Turnhout to hang out with Santi.  He had to finish packing, so just went to his house.  Marcela came over too, and we chilled in his room, helped with packing, talked, etc.  Pretty fun.  He needed another suitcase (a carry-on one), so the three of us went shopping and got him one.

Had dinner with Santi's parents, packed more, Marcela left, we chilled a bit more, and then I had to leave.  Can't believe that was our last day of hanging out.  Started to watch a movie with the family, but it was a horror and since I think those are silly I just went upstairs and watched the first X-Men movie instead :P

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