Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 325

Woensdag, 27 Juni 2012

Went to the Dutch school for the last time.  Got my diploma, talked with some classmates, and got my teachers to sign my book.  It was weird leaving, because it was my first real goodbyes for this year.  I mean, I know I'll never see Suvad or Maria or some of those classmates again, and it's not likely I'll see Greet or Dorieen or Bie either (though they said to visit the school if I ever come back).  It reminded me of my first goodbyes last year, when I went up north for the last time and said goodbye to the Wojo's and Booky and all them.  Can't believe I'll be up there in less than two months.

Went home, slept until dinner (yayy being tired), and then did econ most of the rest of the night.  Some friends were online, so I joined in this massive skype call to try to stay awake (I wanted to finish my notes), only to get distracted by some LP's.  Oh well.  Haven't done that in a while, it was fun.

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